Astell Collins

Rookie - 3 Points (22/09/1982 / Guyana, South America)

Astell Collins Poems

1. Didn’t I? 8/14/2009
2. Will You Trust Me? 8/14/2009
3. Christ The Rock 8/14/2009
4. The Pledge For Men 8/14/2009
5. I Am A Man 8/14/2009
6. Who Will Care For The People? 8/14/2009
7. Africa’s Destiny 8/14/2009
8. Prepare Me 8/14/2009
9. My God Is With Me 8/14/2009
10. We Overcame 8/14/2009
11. Transformed Into Greatness 8/14/2009
12. In Honour Of My Father Selwyn Collins 8/14/2009
13. I Surrender 8/14/2009
14. First Anniversary 8/14/2009
15. A Tribute To The Life Of Mrs. Marjorie Collins 8/14/2009
16. My Angel-Granny Doreen 8/14/2009
17. The Age Of Grace And Timeless Wisdom 8/14/2009
18. The Poem I Once Read 8/14/2009
19. Persuasions Of The Night 8/14/2009
20. Fixed Fight 11/2/2009
21. Mercy 11/2/2009
22. He Delivers 11/2/2009
23. His Voice 11/2/2009
24. You Will See Me Through 11/2/2009
25. Outside Eternity 11/2/2009
26. Be Kind 11/2/2009
27. Darkness Of The Night 11/2/2009
28. Skin Prison 11/2/2009
29. My Heart Speaks 11/2/2009
30. Love 11/2/2009
31. In The Silence Of My Mind 8/14/2009
32. Woman 8/14/2009
33. The Destiny Of Love 8/14/2009
34. I Love You 8/14/2009
35. Heaven In Your Smile 8/14/2009
36. The Story Of Humanity 8/14/2009
37. My Ancestry 11/2/2009
38. South Africa The Best 11/2/2009
39. Africa-The Throne Of God 11/2/2009
40. Our Moral Responsibility 12/1/2009

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Best Poem of Astell Collins

Words Of Comfort (In The Time Of Death)

Let not his passing steal the many memories that his life has afforded you. He has returned to his original form and is awaiting yours. He is now everywhere. He may be as far as beyond the distant stars or as close as the caressing wind. He will speak to you through the channels of nature. You have to listen, you have to look.

Free yourself from the idea that everything has to begin and thus end, that we must be born and thus die. Let us remember that he was a spirit being having a human experience, like we all are. We are not what we notice but rather the observer of what we notice. ...

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Didn’t I?

When you were lost and didn’t know righteousness from sin
Didn’t I find you and in grace welcomed you in
When you were battered and bruised from pain
Didn’t I heal you and shower you with the later rain
Even in your darkest hour of despair
Didn’t I give you the light of hope, proving my concern and care?
Again when you were treated unfairly
Didn’t I represent you encouraging you to believe in me
Whenever you found yourself hungry, naked and ashamed

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