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The sky falls
in your rosy innocence
to fondle its peachy glow
on my lips' amazement

The white little nightie
as a kiss of daisy
made of the innocent lips
The lace

A blushing strawberry
A ripe cherry
An apple hidden in grass
An almond dried in the sunshine

If I was grass
the soft and illusive carpet of hope
Though, you wouldn't like to grow
as my blade


It laces the skin
to draw together
the yarns of tenderness
adding a glittering touch

The Best Poem Of ata ata

The Scent Of Love

Found gently
a fragile bud of forget-me-not
trapped aromatically
into the heart's bottle

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Abhay Vignesh L 07 March 2011

great collection.A joy to read your poems.A thing of beauty..........

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ata ata Popularity

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