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Why do I keep loving you, again & again, life after life?
I am trapped in a cycle of birth & death, as a prisoner of just this love
You have made my world a paradise & life a boon of rebirth
Your every touch vibrates the strings of my heart, playing the endless tune of love;

Flying into the sky of my dreams
From the cage of life
You perch on branches & fields
Dainty bird that you are

My love for you is a boundless ocean
But the world can only see drops of it,

My feelings about you flow incessantly

Years have dragged
After you left your footprints
On my heart’s barren surface,
The mark of love

Weigh the memory never to be
Cold wind wild in the sky of mind
Joy sowed seeds in the field of time
And now paddies burst with light green dreams

You came silently in the dark with a lone lamp
While united we watch the stars in the sky
Beaming back and forth in the world’s eye
Like a mirror reflecting a mirror

And my father told me then
As in this poem I pass to you
‘What you have pursued is your ego’s road’

Day by day I keep seeing in the same radiant features
Flicker of evergreen love,
In the same divine image
Colour of celestial lust,

You have no time to write they say
For you can lay no claim to fame
What do I say to a busy world
Where fragments live in oblivion

Migratory birds roved in plenty
Through the wilderness
And thereon embarked in union
In a ship of flight with rudders

Drunk with the elixir of ecstasy
He sings the song of manhood,
The artist paints cycles of life
With colours of love,

Where will I be, after years, in this uncharted sea of life
Who all will be my friends & what all my passions
What will remain of this world I see today
What painful memories will remain blurred

Call frailty a detached bud
And call the flower a frame of grace
Call the leaf a medium
And call the wind a messenger,

Those days are lost forever, to the depths of the past
While the tide of memories, will bring them back,
Oh a pity, that I belong to the shore called today‘
While I can just watch the sea, which stretches beyond my reality,

I pass in a boat now my lonely hour
As the west wind blows
Beneath the evening sky,
Branches of palm trees sway

Break, break and let me break myself
From this cycle of ages and night
Let me trade with the dust of eternal time
These sparks and hours of glory;

I tear a poem from love and rhyme
When feelings are wrought from reason,
Life a candle dazzles with hopes flame
And the wax of time keeps melting,

My seasons are fragrant with one blossom
That is you and you alone
But now I leave to fulfill my destiny
Yet there is always a wayside view

Memories float away down the river of time
Into a narrow abyss of oblivion,
I am a traveller who floats down the stream of life
In search of the brink of the horizon,

All is lost forever
The light has faded from the brink of the horizon
The season of dreams has ended once and for all
There will be no more festivals in my life

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Rebirth Of Radha (Reborn As Meerabhai The Singer, Kamala Das The Poet, -)

Why do I keep loving you, again & again, life after life?
I am trapped in a cycle of birth & death, as a prisoner of just this love
You have made my world a paradise & life a boon of rebirth
Your every touch vibrates the strings of my heart, playing the endless tune of love;

Why do I keep hiding my secrets, again & again, in poem after poem?
I am asleep in a cycle of dreams & reality, where only you are there
You have made my hours colourful & everyday a festival
Your every utterance arouses my creative skill, spreading the secret of divine love;

Why do I keep wandering from shore to shore in life after life?
I am ordained to exist, in a cycle of union & separation, as just your lover
You have made my dreams real & every birth a fantasy
Your every form reflects creations illusory art, illumining the indelible image of love;

Why do I keep imagining your countless names again & again in poem after poem?
I am blessed in a cycle of sleep & awakening, as a poet of just this love
You have made my works mystical & these lines metaphoric
Your every idol is a sketch in my canvas, mixed with colours of timeless love;

Why do you keep mounting Garuda again & again, flying from myth to myth?
I am without wings in a cycle of seasons, where love is evergreen
You have made my every season a harvest & life a paddy field of love
Your every whisper is an unknown tune which lulls me into an eternal sleep of love;

Why do I keep losing count of hours again & again, time after time?
I am without a sundial in a cycle of dawn & dusk, where you are the sun of love
You have made my mind your vrindavana & my heart ebb with your flute music
Your every stare is an emblem of mystery in my dreams, arousing the stranger feeling of love;

Why do I keep remembering you again & again, life after life?
I am an immortal in love in a cycle of days & nights, in just your shade
You have made your world mine & my every desire a flute note
Your every fancy merges as the moon in the sky of dreams, radiant with beacons of my love;

Why do I keep following you again & again, age after age?
I am spellbound by illusions in a cycle of joy & sorrow, where only you are real
Your every name is chanted out of supreme love of devotion
While, I, your Radha, pines to unite with the only reality of love.

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