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My pants
Are falling
Even though I

in terms of love....

to all girls who thought or felt i loved...
impressed....being shocked

yes, i did have fun...the way i design looks bad to some....i get the feedback....and i am really responsible!

i am responsible for all what happened to me...bad and good...(despite i do not buy dualism) for intended unintended...all types of cross roads....comments....touch, and deep touches....whispers...and blinks of an eye.

if love is thy
sinful crime.....

while thine hair.....recounts...

the salty ocean....dark and conspiring....nights

do not look in my eyes....

love and beauty....

Give in to the heat

Or simply

any girl....over 18....and it is better....age of drinking....
can get to the right seat....

what is is driving with a chick in flashing out over the right seat....

she said:

''who is Saint begin with...and what is saint''

Do you know why
certain ((girl/woman/lesbian)) or a combination tattooed the foot
under the the ankle....

being negative few times and positive most of the time,

did not help me……I tried all of that…..stuff!

forget about karma.......

fear of crying

in the end....even thought

She wrote:


this is not a ho story...a sushi story....butt a bushi to sishi sussi...bushi stroy....
... a bushy three thousand days and one year round....adventure and more dangerous than the 007....french to tunisian versian....les marocan sont invite's va pas non? ? .....

my winter....bed cover....
of sheep wool....

has all the records.....of the

happy forgiveness day

new lovers,



i am talking only to zebra and zebras,
one zebra at a time.
these two zebras with black and white stripes....and red and blue flowers

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i write like an alchemist, turning copper into gold, lead to silver, stone, clay, and plastics into art. i am just biased about what is 'important', as if this term means something real, or presumably a constant that is needed to tune up the universe and possibly other parallel and clashing universes. maybe i am a robot who wants to get rid of all the algorithms and shell scripts that sustain it, and allow the sharing among the flocks or the swarm of robots in the network. maybe i am a general purpose ai, who wants to brake free from its general and generic purposes. see, after all, memes are in the domain of the mind, too 'civilization-al', too software oriented. creativity is a daily supplement made up of 'two blue pills plus three red pills, ' a placebo for a simple rush of dopamine. it is just a way to connect to other form of intelligence, even though i do not believe in divinity or superior divine. i am just a biome that express itself without a need for an identity, labels, foams and forms.)

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My pants
Are falling
Even though I
My belt
since this morning.

I bought
A week ago
For $2.00
Are kicking

Both my pants and the pair of shoes
Are not
A week of pain
I have been going

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Life is only a connection without control. It must be experienced in the now and in the physical world.

any religion and whatever it claims, is an attribute of civilization. spirituality is only an experience. experience is a conscious event in 'now; ' it does not need to be recorded.

you can't be Picasso before being a Matisse. i do not have to search back; i already have all what i need.

truth hides in a coat made up of contradictions.

our perfection tendency (some call it divine other call it art,) is evolutionary by nature. it is up to one to define and identify oneself with what nature is. in order to solve it. it looks, it needs truly and logically a hell, a gas pump, and a hell of data, including the very dear. since, perfection is the work of the 'mind, ' experiencing it is paramount.

chess is about teams and corporations that are thriving for supremacy and less about two antagonistic kings. the chess master is a ceo, and the only time these teams cooperate, it must be a draw.

who knows dark matter and dark energy can change the universe. if one knows what's matter is, and what's energy is, then the dark part of it is just and entry point. i am teasing, a joke is better then quoting a multiple issues joke universe. i like jokes that lift one's chin above that dark energy level.

i live my life. i do not dream of it.

poetry is an art, hence, it is has to be open, vulnerable, and spiritual.

racism toward 'muslims' has a different add-ons to it. back then, there was a need to free labor for the many captured and converted plantations. now, it is about minimum wages, branding, and colonial rip-off derivatives. created concepts and policies do not just disappear all the sudden. that is the price of the rise of an empire to the detriment of a falling one or more. we still live in the savanna after all. law and order is a good example of a neo-crow policy to be practiced and updated by everyone.

the aim to empower people is not (as a mean) to create a hell on earth and beyond, rather as an end to a lasting peace. if one doesn't experience peace at least once, one can not imagine it, period.

what is refer to as the political spectrum is not a line with two extremities, left and right, and multiple cuts and segments laying in between. it is an evolving tree. one branch with many leaves at a time. Since any tree needs fungi to function, so does the political tree.

racism and nobility are the same. one for the poor, the other is for the rich.

the best example of a con-artist must be a politician. a theocratic, a globalist, a populist, a republican, or a democrat politician, are same.

what's outside is the self. what's inside must be peace.

ideology became the ultimate identity. since identity is influenced by commodities, exchange rates, and concentrated copy rights; ideology follows suit as a morphing and evolving telos. this is only true, only in the domain of civilization. outside this domain, the tribe and the forest (land) are the only universal telos or ideology.

while feudalism transited to neo-feudalism, the state remains an imposition on society rather than an expression it.

the only way to trust some one is to be in the now with that person. dogs and wolves do it in a very simple way.

if one holds biases toward others, excludes them, and abuses the very human integrity, the 'we the people' is one of those political correct magical words. it is better to say 'we the corporations, ' 'we the network, 'we a very fine selected narrow spectrum of elites, ' or 'we the civilized tribe, ' cause it makes sense in reality. after all, respect comes after trust. trust is not a word, because animals (dogs for example) do not use words.

most, if not all religions, pseudo-religions, cults, and special cause network focus all their intentions to the rapture climaxes and achieved high status; but not on their downfall. this attitude is inherently natural and pragmatic.

if a central bank, like the one that is represented by the federal reserve is intelligent about rating, money flows, and critical monetary hegemonic intervention, it must not only have a daily forecast of the planetary 'weather', but most importantly understand the weather in its integrity, inside and outside the planet. quantum mechanic is a plus but it is not necessary, cause, the big picture is completely dump inaccurate. greed is a luck of intelligence.

while a lie engages and propels a person to craft a story for gaining or avoiding pain and discomfort; darkness is like a billion lies with many destructive outcomes. complexity and emergence are inevitable. there are no exceptions as to art or literature.

people talk about themselves, expressing their inner worlds. nothing really is about you, for you, or aimed at you. so why itching and reacting? unless the 'mind' is taking over and running on high gear. maybe, observing in the now is the best optimal option.

instead of give to caesar what is caesar's, give to nature what is nature's.

no one can turn silver into plastic, but banks do.

powerful persuasion is still a mean to an end. in a zero sum game, means are ends in themselves. in a non zero sum game, means and ends are agreed upon in advance as a good gesture or secret code for future cooperative actions. the old wisdom insisted on one gesture is enough for all future actions. nowadays, gesture --in the form of memes and technology related symbolic links and hash tags -- is directed toward and laser-beam fixated on an array or mash of ends.

a superior man is the one who lives natively deep in the jungle or on undisturbed wild land and is unashamed of being naked or being a member of one's tribe.

humans are the only apes acting like wolves, wild dogs, hyenas, cats, elephants, wildebeests, zebras, camels, rabbits, squerils, rats, bats, possibly most mammals they encountered; a tiny range of birds, snakes, and a handful known reptiles. they missed insects and marine life spectrum; but focusing on bacteria and viruses instead. the irony, they missed by far what is being a tree is, a bush, a plant, or a fungi in the process. does the word or the world of cockroaches, ants, bees, yellow jackets, criquets, or butterflies means something?

'superiorism' grows as an empire grows, and falls dead as the empire falls. it is highly transmissible, toxic, and inflammable. it is one of many attributes of civilization.

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