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eyes the color of gold
there is a story that must be told
a passionate soul that is true
could i be the one for you?

skin like ivory
a goddess she must be
slender fingers unadorned simple simplicity
a single tear when did it fall?

do you see that there? do you see that light?

in the darkness there is always a light just like if you have suicidal tendinchies there is always some one there for you

cold as winter; strong as stone;
they faced the darkness all alone;
All silver gods goddess's; a reflection.
a mirage; a recolllection.

A rose the color of gold
There are things that have not been told
They stand above the rest nothing more and nothing less
They gaze at a shattered youth,

the night and the day are both twin sisters
both are exact twins but both stand for 2 things
in ones hand she holds the sun
in the others hands she holds the moon

it comes to us all
it comes in any way shape and form

behind these golden eyes there is a secret i must hide
but why cant i see into your hearts mind?
you walk by as gentel as the wind
but as strong as a rivers bind

dont give up
giving up is never the answer
immortality is never that importante
you must die to live forever

There us always a question,
That has to be answered no matter what,
Most say there is no question but,
The question is; how can we all live and die?

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.

fire as the end of the world is not imposebol but not likely ither because it will never truly end
but i say if i had to live over and over and die forever
then i say it would be posebol if i had died in ice for then i can be cloned and still remain even after i have died
but backt to the task

people say the would is good
but if you think it was easery back when i was realy a chiled for at that point there were no technology
but i think now that with out this technology i would not be able ot publish my poems would i?
but i miss my old frinds to maya kie and lucia all were good fox demons and if not for them i would not have the black furred red eye fox fenires as i do now...

This is the time when you feel bad
You can’t go back

can you go on?
Living in a world with out her?
Why must you suffer?
You have seen the light

What will you do
There is a way out for her
But will you kill her?
Even if you can make her live

In the light of day there are secrets in the shadows
In the dark of night there is nothing but truth
In the water at night there are secrets
In the water at day is not but truth all around

deep in the darkness there is a light
even for a vampire
light is ayour friend and family
t he people that care for you

Aubrey Silver Biography

im a vampire and im sure my poetry will show it. i do drink blood but most of the holly wood things are false so dont beafraid to ask me what its like to be a vampire. i have a girl friend and a job so i cant be on all the time.)

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A Vampiric's Lust

eyes the color of gold
there is a story that must be told
a passionate soul that is true
could i be the one for you?
within the darkness of night there is a secret i must hide
could you be the holder of my pride?
through the paleness of life,
you will never let me bring down my knife
with you buy my side i may never die
because i make you form a gentle sigh...
you tell me i have no strife
but what is the point of immortality if you deny your self the simple pleasures in life
the immortality i declare is not the answer so beware

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