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Carelessly the pressure speaks,
Nothing at all to cherish me
Results without praise
Just more sand underneath my feet I,
Sink, waters rise and stuck in the waves
Tears we all cry, waiting, wondering for something to save,
Me, slow to realize that this pressure is in my own
That I have created this pressure all alone

Alone is all it takes
To bring one down
Alone is all it takes
To be stuck in doubt
Alone is all it takes
To correct, to repent, to fix,
All the mistakes

Pressure is unavoidable fate
Just ...

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Cry No More(You Say)

You say
You live in perpetual sorrow
You say
There is only pain in tomorrow
You say
Please let me be
You say
Let my tears fill the sea
You say
These emotions are war
I say
Please, cry no more