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Rodica Iosefson 06 February 2021

Am fost colege la scoala in Bucuresti...(

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The Best Poem Of Augusta Mendelsohn

The Bookstore

I walk purposefully
As I do most weekends
A mile each way
To buy a book
Lest that gem of a bookstore
Succumbs to Amazon
And the neighborhood loses its soul.

Other fellow conspirators
Cross my path
And we smile and nod
Content to belong.

Today’s author is young and intent
The complicit audience
Follows her into the story.

My weekly ritual of indecision
Leads to a choice.
Some books open wide new worlds
Some are great fun
Or disappointments.

A familiar aroma of coffee and rich soup
Rises from the downstairs coffeehouse.

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Augusta Mendelsohn Popularity

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