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Walking in to the unknown destination,
starving of peace & happiness years after years.
Achieved all in my life but lost my precious peace.
Love is missing due to me so is the peace of mind

Away from this hustle bustle of life
I feel like a dead man today
in a wooden nailed coffin! !

This road will lead me to Badrinath..
What a splendid beauty of nature! !
On both sides Tall hills, Rivers, Green Jungles
of pine trees

Between the mountains in the valley of flowers
Springs and water falls from melting glaciers,
Deepest in the forest i walk slowly melancholy
unmoved by the virgin beauty of nature around.

Will it heal up? Even I don’t know today?

I have lost my peace & happiness
On her departure is sure & confirmed.

Same destination
Same distance…
In my Childhood
What I did in fifteen hundred steps

I still remember the day as fresh as today.
I was waiting on the railway platform
to board a train to Howrah,
from Seoragachi Station

On my difficult trekking of steep Himalayan mountain
I looked at the scantily dressed poor boy
In this chilling snowy weather..
He gave me 3 golden apples plucked from the Orchard

'Run, run, run...'
On the steep mountain cliff
Slippery slope; lush green plants
& trees in ethereal serenity

Standing on the river bank for the ferry to arrive
Maa Ganga I have been trailing from Himalaya
Here is the life line of our rural Bangla.


There is a theft in neighbor’s house
the thief has taken away all jewelry
and cash breaking the large steel trunk..
Manu & her husband cried aloud

[ Shivkhori is a long cave on top of mountains in Jammu. Saints used to worship deep inside these caves. One day a cowboy saw some saints at the entrance of the caves when he was trying to locate his lost cows. These saints were doing hawan & smoke was spiralling into the sky. Saints told the cowboy not to disclose this to the villagers in the valley. But the cowboy could not stop his curiosity & explained the episode to the village head. Now it is one of the famous pilgrimage places in Jammu]

Riding on a horse back by the side
of an un-named Mountain River,

Flow along the mountain river
she will bring you to me
in this misty sleepy valley…
ensconced in swirling clouds

Sound of river touches my cottage between the hills
in the midst of life of Scorpions, Snakes,
insects, Humming Birds, Butterflies..
of all colours, welcoming me to a beautiful world.

Tired & exhausted
Cheated & beaten
in this distasteful life,
A penance on sins today pushed me

Auro Bhattacharya Biography

Auro is an engineer and he is an amateurish writer of poem & short stories. He is from Bengal from a place called Saktipur which is approximately 25 KM from Plassey Battle ground. His grandfather was a headmaster in British School in Sizgaon; near Kandhi; Murshidabad District of West Bengal. His great grandfathers were from Rajshahi; presently in Bangladesh. His father migrated to Delhi in 1945. Auro is born & brought up in Delhi.)

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The Quest For Peace, Maa Vaishno Devi

Walking in to the unknown destination,
starving of peace & happiness years after years.
Achieved all in my life but lost my precious peace.
Love is missing due to me so is the peace of mind
now i am roaming vagabond in these mountains
in search of peace and a spiritual guru..
but nothing really attracts me.
I was so much into the materialistic life
that peace plays truant now.

These beauties around up on the hills
where it kisses the blue sky
that change its color with passage of time,
birds chirping and singing satirically,
i feel they tease me,
what did i achieve in this mortal life?
Where is the escape?

In this serenity picturesque valleys, farmlands,
mud roads and villages...
spiralling smoke oozing out from many huts
in this wee hours.
Cows & pets in their courtyards still await
for the full dawn.
I am walking up the mountain in search of peace.
I see monks walking along chanting mantras,
they don’t care my presence.
I am alone unlike others on the skirt of the earthen
non- existing roads,
thinking about peace & happiness in my life?
Where is the peace; in nature? or in demigods?
or peace resides deep within me in my heart?

I have reached inside the maa Vaishno Devi cave;
Momentarily i got everything on her darshan;
a great feeling of peace in my mind
and fell on her feet with more urge of peace.
I am sure she will understand my situation
and will bless me with endless peace, happiness
& eternal love, sure to be blessed by her.

My quest for peace ends here momentarily..
I walk back to the valley with a sense of achievement
Wishing my peace & happiness may last forever..
I pray not to come her darshan again
on my quest of peace;
My ordeal must stop now after this visit.
but still no escape! ! !
(this was my 3rd visit to this place)

(13.03.2011 Gurgaon)

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