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I cannot remember Yesterday,
He went away.
I asked him what the trouble was,
He would not say;

I wonder if the trees can hear me
When I scream aloud,
Or if the dandelion screams,
When I pick him out.

You may think, at times, that the world is fatal
That all just dies, and drifts, and slowly fades away
That these lives we slave for now,
Mean nothing to the end.

In this world of bitter ends,
Long lost letter to a friend:
This is my entry.

I don't know if time passes or not,
Or if it all comes together with spontaneity.
And though we think we are living-
Sequential lives,

I see your picture everyday.
I memorize your face.
I try to make the picture real,
as the sadness fades away.

All my dreams are gone,
They took off in the wind.
Just like all the songs no one finished.

Another beginning, another day
Close my eyes until the world turns-
Blank. Redeeming only what others cannot
Save. Fall

It's frightening.
I feel better,
but I'm longing for a kiss.
One simple kiss

Sometimes life is utterly revolting and tiring;
With its boring obligations-
Life is strife.
I wish that I could take these moments

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My name is really Melanie Daves, but I like going by Author Unknown. I like this identity because I feel that I am nothing to this world but my poetry, and of what inspires me to write.)

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My Three Lovers

I cannot remember Yesterday,
He went away.
I asked him what the trouble was,
He would not say;
Just looked at me with a cool kind of conviction,
Wishing things were different,
As he slowly walked away.

Oh! How today bores me!
I can read his mind!
Certainly don't have yesterday's
He told me straightforwardly
Oh! He loved me so!
But I told him that it was
Time to go.

Now, Future has a sacred face,
He sneaks and sneaks around.
When I wish to never see his trace,
He lingers for a mile.
He whispers sad tales of mediocrity,
But sometimes makes me dream.

Oh! Where are you Yesterday?
I'm holding out for you.
There's nothing I want more than
You, Yesterday.
All I want is you.

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ROBIN 30 January 2019

Looking for a peom -Do you know who I am

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musa boanie 12 December 2018

in nature every thing is connected

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Pradeep 06 August 2018


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Jyotizhman 27 July 2018


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Brandy 18 April 2019

Do not be cynical about love

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Ronel 07 April 2019

Ballad of a vampire

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Olivia hazelwood 05 March 2019

My dad wrote a poem and im trying to find it.

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bhgkuuuuuuuuuu 14 February 2019

love it it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo inspiring

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