My Three Lovers Poem by author unknown

My Three Lovers

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I cannot remember Yesterday,
He went away.
I asked him what the trouble was,
He would not say;
Just looked at me with a cool kind of conviction,
Wishing things were different,
As he slowly walked away.

Oh! How today bores me!
I can read his mind!
Certainly don't have yesterday's
He told me straightforwardly
Oh! He loved me so!
But I told him that it was
Time to go.

Now, Future has a sacred face,
He sneaks and sneaks around.
When I wish to never see his trace,
He lingers for a mile.
He whispers sad tales of mediocrity,
But sometimes makes me dream.

Oh! Where are you Yesterday?
I'm holding out for you.
There's nothing I want more than
You, Yesterday.
All I want is you.

Ying Escalona 05 September 2007

yes...i am longing for yesterday too..i hope you are known :)

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Marvin Brato 05 September 2007

Forget yesterday my friend for he remains sweet memory. Though today bores you yet do not close your door, love may develop in a while. The future is a dream, he may lingers around you but having no guts to propose is as good as nothing. Today is what counts my dear. Your analogy in this poem is great, I liked it. Highest mark.

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Sheika 12 March 2020

what would be the best tittle for that?

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Kanishka 30 December 2019

It is very beautiful

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Abhinandan Sharma 06 July 2018

Owsm poetry

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I loved the idea of this poem, clever and well-done.

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John Nightingale 23 December 2007

Brilliant concept and well executed. Thanks.

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