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Chinedu Dike 11 January 2022

A beautiful love poem written from the heart, lovely and very passionate......

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Ocean Of Love

we're in the ocean of love,
voyaging across horizons,
of forever, blindfolded
of the violent tides around us.

but when the earth
shakes too hard to jiggle us,
we will hold on very tight,
gripping on to the waters.

we hope to discover gravity,
the moon, and the sun
behind these tides,
and be in silent conversations
with them.

when the cold currents
race against our battleship,
we will wage war against them,
sailing deep into the warzone,
with compassion and commitment.

when everything seems
to have fallen apart,
we will swim in this love together,
fighting against the waves,

and when we're tired,
we will come at truce
with the tides,
and convince them to carry us
towards the shore,

ebbing us away
from the violent storms,
to an island we've always known,
an island of solace,
an island full of love

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