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In a bid to cater to the interest of esteemed readers for exemplary individuals I am hot on the heels of figurative personalities and successful individuals across the globe to make them special guests to The Ethiopian Herald Sunday Special Edition’s Success and Art columns. The six star poet on www. that represents south Africa drew my attention. It took me about 6 months to get him.

Chinedu Dike’s a miss- it-not story falls in the common area of success story and art. So I shall start the interview in success column and take the rest to the art column. I envy you for the palatable story and poems that awaits you. Good read!

The Ethiopian Herald: Would you brief us about your upbringing and educational backdrop?

Chinedu Dike: Chinedu Dike is a Johannesburg-based ...

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11 September 2015

Lust is a savage desire: an ugly reflection of nature devoid of contentment.

11 September 2015

Lust is a bad dream in the forlorn bed of infatuation.

27 January 2021

Withdrawals are the karmic outcomes initiated by an upswing in the body's tolerance to hard drugs: galling side effects that rise and subside subject to drug levels in the system.

02 February 2021

On the faith mission to fulfill a divine goal, Religion is torn between good and evil. Slaying from age to age in the name of God, hands of zealots are left defiled with blood.

02 February 2021

A close look at religious democides suggests jamborees of genocides — bloodlettings from which Atheism recoils in its realm of ungodliness.

Chinedu Dike Comments

Igwilo Vincent Somto 24 March 2016

I am so pleased to see an African poet lifting up the banner

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Mixo Malepfane 07 August 2015

A story well written and a truth well told, a man who lived a life he wanted to live. It is a painful past with rich values that you have represented well. well done. Amandla! (power!) Awethu! (to the people!) mayi buyi iAfrica. The struggle continues in other parts of Africa.

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Sarita Milliner 11 December 2015

A great tribute to a Man who's life and works exemplifies the person that he is! Very deep and passionate write!

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Arvind Shah 13 September 2015

dear chinedu, the poem is a candid story from deep darkness to wonderful colours, in a smooth flow for joy.

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Dutendra Chamling 18 March 2016

Chinedu Dike! You have your own spacial language for poem, it's good.

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Craig Edwards 04 February 2022

Well executed poem.

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 25 December 2021

Dear Chinedu, All your 16 poems are top class poems that shall ever shine like bright stars. May your pen flow always with words of absolute truth and wisdom. Remain blessed always.

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Soran M. H 30 October 2021

part1 /Chinedu Dike's poems are powerful and deep, his language is sober and have multiple connotations. He mixes the soul with thought in order to fulfill the role of his poetics and presents us with rare texts, that remain open for the longest time.

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Soran M. H 30 October 2021

Part2/ Human themes through which the poet seeks to create a better world for humanity, Chinedu Dyke is a brave poet who does not care about critique of wariness, and he sends his poetic message to his surroundings and the whole world...which has lost its balance, wish him every success

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Sylvia Frances Chan 29 October 2021

Congratulations dear Poet being chosen by Poem Hunter and Team as The Poet Of The Day. Hoorraay! That is Today Heartiest Congrats!

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The Best Poem Of Chinedu Dike

Mandela - The Immortal Icon

The Peace Warrior Of Mzansi, among heroes - a colossus!
Sun Of The Nation; a rare gift of Providence.
Once, entangled in the web of racist succubus;
Unruffled he declares before High Justice:
'[I]t is an ideal for which I am prepared to die! ' Silence -
Pregnant with dreadful menace in court ensued.
A beast of burden consequent of unshakeable stance.
In the slammer Symbol Of The Struggle he attained;
But Apartheid demon persisted in its Treachery.
'Coalition Of Conscience' inspired outcry for Liberty;
Plagues of sanctions shatter manacles of Slavery.
Looming on the horizon - a sight of Equality.
From abyss of darkness emerged the Institution;
The Immortal Icon and mastermind of Rainbow Nation.

This compact synopsis of Dr Nelson Madiba Mandela is a story about his journey from The Rivonia Trial (where he was charged with Treason: an offence carrying the death penalty by Hanging) to Freedom and Democracy.

He was after much... sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour.

The piece is a poetic portrait of the cosmopolitan statesman, whose enigmatic radiance of love was tested far beyond the experience flesh has to endure. 

It is a soulful tale about the great icon of peaceful resistance, whom upon his release from prison after serving for 27 years, was overwhelmingly elected as the first President of a democratic South Africa.

May his wonderful and gentle soul continue to rest in the Bosom Of Almighty God.

Mzansi is another name for South Africa - an affectionate name.

Chinedu Dike Popularity

Chinedu Dike Popularity

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