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Intro (Excerpt From 'Untitled')

This rival of
and Fate
drives the soul,
The Touch, irate.
this mortal web, of thought
spun from the breast.
its taint lay
within The Spider -therefor Its nest.
deny the stream,
the current may...
deny the night, itself,
from day...
see you and I
as bodies away.
In this communion:
We, the I
I, the We.
Cast forth, countless solid eyes and see!
Send forth, endless earthen hands and touch!
In this encompassment:
We, the I
I, the We.
Wherefor is it then not

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I, The Beast

I, the beast, that cry at the heart of a world -in disdain
That so solemnly and plainly doth dwell in pain:
To hurt one so in one’s core -
Where Love doth dwell evermore,
Amongst unsteady horizons of hope,
While thieves -one’s love- elope

Yet one can ne’er give in,
Lest not commit a sin

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