(1st - 2nd Century CE / Tamil Nadu / India)

Avvaiyar Poems

1. Cool, Fragrant Lotus Feet 9/28/2012
2. Worth Four Crores 9/28/2012
3. Demanding Companion 9/28/2012
4. Real Life-Saver 9/28/2012
5. O King, Is There Anything Unattainable 9/28/2012
6. Break But Do Not Bend 9/28/2012
7. Atthi Chudi 9/28/2012
8. Real Freedom 9/28/2012
Best Poem of Avvaiyar

Real Freedom

Real vision
is that which sees
the One only
beyond the many;
Real valour
is that of the person
who has conquered for good
the senses five;

Real learning
is that which places
you in the state
of Deathlessness;
And real food
is what you consume
when you are totally
and where you are not
under any command
and where you are neither
slave nor servant…

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