Avvaiyar Poems

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Real Freedom

Real vision
is that which sees
the One only
beyond the many;

Real Life-Saver

Just because your brother and sister
are born in line with you,
do not expect them
to be supportive relatives;

Break But Do Not Bend

Would a pillar of granite,
When it is over-burdened
bend or buckle at any point
rather than splinter and fall?

O King, Is There Anything Unattainable

O king, is there anything unattainable
To them who intensely contemplate
On the fragrant feet of the son
Of Ummaiyal, of sweet and comely speech?

Demanding Companion

O ye troublesome
stomach of mine!
You are not agreeing
to forgo

Worth Four Crores

Not crossing the threshold
of those that disrespect you
is worth a crore indeed;

Cool, Fragrant Lotus Feet

Cool, fragrant lotus feet
with anklets tinkling sweet,
gold girdle, flower-soft garment
setting off the comely hips,

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