Ayisha Ibrahim Poems

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The Unknown

Memories too precious to forget
too distant to remember
Cloudy sky
Thunder rumbling near yet so far

Time Will Tell

Life they say is complex
How true this saying is
Where does a person belong
One wonders

Losing You

You said you loved me
But you didn't show it
You went in for another girl
And lied to me

How Is It...?

How is it
that i speak freely to you
that i fancy being with you
and yet

Val's Day

Val's day
A day of love, anticipation and ignorance

No Mercy 4 Da Heartbreaker

So fast, so soon is how I’ve fallen.
Fallen in love with you.
And yet I doubt you’ll believe that.
Not after the heartbreak I caused.

My Friendz

I am strong and capable
I can overcome all obstacles in my way
But when i wake up in the morn with spirit low
I think of those i call friends and a smile becomes inevitable

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