Losing You Poem by Ayisha Ibrahim

Losing You

You said you loved me
But you didn't show it
You went in for another girl
And lied to me
You watched me from afar
As i struggled to come to terms
With your betrayal
Yet you didn't even come near
To see the tears
Shed for your sake
You brought the girl ever so near me
Was it to show me the difference?
Dat she could claim you
And i could only shed tears?
I asked again
And again you denied it
But then what does it matter
For i've already lost you
If not to the girl
Then to your friends
Your friends who happen to be my friends
Funny how i keep losing you
When i've never had you
Don't ask how that is possible
B'cos when it comes to
U and I
Everything is possible.

Simple Simon 21 September 2006

He who betrayed is not a man, but a beast, which goes by its instrinct and has no sixth sense to think and act.

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Gary Halsey 14 September 2006

Wow, this was quite profound. I didn't expect the ending. Imagery and content were great in this piece, as it seems to deplict how you feel through honest emotions that only one in love can experience. Then pain is sometimes hard to bear, but somehow we manage to get through it. Well done. Well written.

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Vallerie Lobell 13 September 2006

I understand how you can lose someone you never had...and sadly many friends in the process...I liked this poem....and if this is your first on the site...keep them coming...Vallerie

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