Ayomikun Akinwunmi Poems

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Love Is The Seed

Of all the seeds that grow in the ground,
Love is the best, I've found.
It's a seed that can never be drowned,
No matter how hard the weather found.

Arise O Compatriots

Arise, O compatriots,
And let your voices ring!
We are a nation of many tribes,
But we are one people.

The Glass House

We all live in glass houses,
With our flaws on display.
We can see the cracks in others,
But we often turn a blind eye to our own.


Ayomikun, my name,
My joy is full,
And I am so grateful to have that,
In this world that can be so cruel.

Still, You Are God

When the world seems dark and cold,
And my heart is filled with fear,
I remember that You hold
The future in Your hand.

Love Is Enough

They say love is not enough,
But I disagree.
Love is the foundation,
The key to harmony.

I Won't

I won't be tamed, or shackled, or bound;
I won't be told where to go or how to be found;
I won't be silenced, or made to feel small;
I won't be broken, or made to fall.

Time And Chance

We are the puppets of Time and Chance,
Who dance to their capricious tune;
They lead us where they list, and dance
With us till our hearts are numb.

Grace And Favour

Grace and favour, like a summer shower,
That falls on flowers and grass and trees,
Is sweeter far than any power,
That wealth, or fame, or honour sees.


The air is still and heavy,
As if the world holds its breath.
The sky is a deep, dark blue,
With no clouds to mar its perfection.

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