Badr Shakir al-Sayyab


Badr Shakir al-Sayyab Poems

1. The Chillness And The Hissing Sound Of Fire 9/10/2013
2. Burning 5/5/2014
3. The Journey Of Job -2 9/13/2013
4. O, The Loneliness Of The Soul 9/11/2013
5. The Wilt Of Rosebay's Flowers 9/10/2013
6. A Strange Man Nearby The Gulf 9/13/2013
7. An Ode To Revolutionary Iraq 5/6/2014
8. Before The Gate Of The God 5/5/2014
9. Day Has Gone 9/21/2013
10. The Genesis Of Job 9/10/2013
11. The Mother And The Lost Child 9/11/2013
12. Myths 9/11/2013
13. The Drowned Temple 9/12/2013
14. The River And The Death 9/12/2013
15. Return To Jaykur 9/21/2013
16. City Of Sinbad 5/8/2014
17. For I Am A Stranger 5/5/2014
18. Rain Song 9/10/2013
Best Poem of Badr Shakir al-Sayyab

Rain Song

Your eyes are two palm tree forests in early light,
Or two balconies from which the moonlight recedes
When they smile, your eyes, the vines put forth their leaves,
And lights dance . . . like moons in a river
Rippled by the blade of an oar at break of day;
As if stars were throbbing in the depths of them . . .
And they drown in a mist of sorrow translucent
Like the sea stroked by the hand of nightfall;
The warmth of winter is in it, the shudder of autumn,
And death and birth, darkness and light;
A sobbing flares up to tremble in my soul
And a savage elation ...

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The Genesis Of Job

Praise is to the Lord! However, the plague becomes extended.
Praise to God! However, the pain becomes overwhelmed.
Praise is to God! Some of calamities are a kind of nobility.
Praise is to Lord! Some of catastrophic things are a type of generosity.
Didst you give this darkness?
Didst you give me this prettiness?
Does the Earth thank the dew of rain?
And got angry if the clouds do not rain again!
Long months, the wounds had serious grief.

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