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Mercy, To Blades Unknown

Gather our arms and let’s march afar,
Sharp spears, swords, shields and all.
Flood their lands with all their blood,
Streams, rivers and all we could else.

Since, I Love You

With a thorn in my heart,
All these year I have fought,
Restless, eternal peace, I have sought.

The Name

Beyond the shallow waters of my thought,
Across the deep oceans of my heart,
A name has long been engraved!

Hollow Whisper

At an arms length, shimmeringly rests,
A taled famed Jewel, carved in blue ice.
Well cased in its depth, shivering she bests,
Its growing void; feeding off its spice.

Until The Very End

When an hour is a day,
A day is a year,
And a season is like the passing of a lifetime.

Lost Hope

Sometimes, I sit, hit
in a candle lit room.
I wish, I can fly, high
into the sky and never return.

Me Alone

I stand at the bridge,
And in my silence, I reside.
I have walked to the edge,
I wish I had you beside.