Barry Jablonski Poems

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Man In The Mirror

A man in the mirror
Looks back every day
He looks for changes
Not found yesterday

Veteran’s Day (Revised)

We pay respect on Veteran's Day
To those who answered the call
They fought our country's wars
And watched their comrades fall

Alone Again On Christmas Day

Alone again on a Christmas Day
A time to reflect, a time to pray
Beautiful gifts sit under my tree
That take delight in mocking me

The Seductress

All the men at the work site
Stop work when you walk by
Sometimes they like to whistle
Just to try and catch your eye

A Pirates' Life

Have you ever been a sailin'
Across the deep blue sea
The greenhorn's they be ailin'
That went to sea with me

A Beach Day

The palms are swaying in the breeze
And the ocean is lapping at my knees
Sun kissed bathers lying on the beach
Girls are tanning places hard to reach

Black Thursday

Our grand holiday meal
Was devoured in a flash
Now off to the stores….
We'll make a mad dash

Foolish Pride

As I watched her walk away
I thought of witty things to say
She took from me, my heart & soul
While I stood spouting something droll

I Love Strippers (Rev)

I'll tell you why I love 'em
They smell so good to me
When they get dolled up
Lord, what a sight to see

The Old Man's Lament

In my mind I'm only twenty-two
And my body is like brand new
But in your eyes, I'm old & grey
And may never see another day

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