Francis Duggan Beach Poems

At Gorman's Beach

At Gorman's Beach there's never many people
Even on warm Summer days few there ever one does see
A quiet broad beach but hardly an attraction
Though one has to wonder how come this could be?

On The Beach At Venus Bay

Such a nice day out of doors on this bright and sunny day
Just enjoying a pleasant walk on the beach at Venus Bay
See a young man in his swim wear in the Summer sun he lay
With his blond girl friend by his side looking better than okay

Above The Mudflats Of Mcloughlins Beach

Above the mudflats of Mcloughlins beach in the September sky
The eastern curlews do flute as they fly
And though to here Mcloughlins beach not a place that is near
In fancy their beautiful music i do hear

At Mcloughlins Beach

O'er McLoughlins Beach from here many miles away
The eastern curlews are piping at the dawn of the day
They return to their southern wintering ground in the spring of the year
And their distinctive soft piping are always pleasant to hear

In Mcloughlins Beach

The eastern curlews they pipe as they fly
Above the mudflats in the grey morning sky
And the huge surf waves rumble to the great ocean's roar
As they crash on the white sands of McLoughlins shore.

A Memory Of Mcloughlins Beach

O'er the mudflats of McLouglins beach in South Gippsland it is pleasant to hear
The flute of the curlew at this time of year
Though five hours by car distant to my heart 'tis near
That beautiful music melodious and clear

As I Walked On The Beach

The surf waves did roll foaming up a white spray
As I walked on the beach on a cool Autumn day
The terns in the shallows for their small prey did dive
Most creatures in Nature must hunt to survive

Mcloughlins Beach In South Gippsland

The soft fluting of the curlew it is a pleasant thing
O'er the mudflats by the ocean at McLouglins beach in Spring
Though I've not been there now for awhile two years or maybe three
As near a place to an Earthly Utopia as one might wish to see.

Mcloughlins Beach In Gippsland

At McLoughlins Beach the eastern curlews piping as if to herald in the dawn of day
They always journey south for to spend the Summer from their eastern Asian homes in distance far away
With their long bills they probe in the mudflats for slugs and worms and you always hear them piping as they fly
Their pleasant music is a thing of beauty and a thing of beauty is a thing of joy.