Mcloughlins Beach In Gippsland Poem by Francis Duggan

Mcloughlins Beach In Gippsland

At McLoughlins Beach the eastern curlews piping as if to herald in the dawn of day
They always journey south for to spend the Summer from their eastern Asian homes in distance far away
With their long bills they probe in the mudflats for slugs and worms and you always hear them piping as they fly
Their pleasant music is a thing of beauty and a thing of beauty is a thing of joy.

McLoughlins Beach in Gippsland in Victoria a quiet coastal Village by the sea
A twenty minutes car drive from the Town of Yarram such a place for to live in would suit me
The coastal air is clean and unpolluted and never any coldness in the breeze
And the climate there is even mild in Winter a very low would be fourteen degrees.

The sandpipers and plovers from the Artic on the mudflats from early Spring until the early Fall
Birdwatchers come to view them at McLoughlins each species of wader distinct by their call
And for seven months of the year on those vast mudflats from late August until late February
So many different species of migratory waders in that beautiful sanctuary for wild life to see.

In McLoughlins beach in Gippsland in Victoria the tiny crabs always crawling about
You will see them in their thousands on the mudflats from their small holes they venture in and out
But at the approach of footsteps they vanish and out of sight they quickly disappear
And the safest place for them their tiny burrows when they sense danger to them is quite near.

In McLoughlins beach in Gippsland in Victoria things of natural beauty are a common sight
Eight to ten miles in off of the south Gippsland highway it is a place known for it's peace and quiet
And in that rural coastal Village by the mudflats an eight to ten minutes walk from the sea
I for one could live in peace and contentment until the reaper come for to claim me.

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