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There is not much in my life i haven't gone through first hand as far as dissapointment or pain are concerned. I'm dyslexic so thats why my spelling leaves much to be desired. I've always hoped that others can find either hope, understanding, or just a good read from what i write. I was an incredably troubled teenager and i'd like to think that i grew out of it and got better but who am i kidding lol

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A New Kind Of Nothing

I learned how to fall out of love today
As A profound silence took its place
One day I will close my eyes forever
And with eternity I'll be replaced


Staring at pool of crimson red
The worlds unlucky now left undead
Aborted babies shriek unheard cries
Held by rancid demons upon tainted skies

Six Feet To Paradise

There's blood in the bath tub
From a needless mistake
There's blood on my hands
From the chances I take

Love You To Death

(very explicet imagery used in first part please know its sarcasim and not literally ment, lol i dont want you all to think i want to do these things im just making a point)

If I took this cigerette and put it out on you
Would you love me?

My Curse & My Treasure

My Heart

My curse, and my treasure

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