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Words Unspoken

its like damn boy you got me trippin over myself
its like when you look at me my heart skips a beat and you take my breath away
i thought it was over and i was over you and your games
but its like you put me under your spell and for the first time i couldn't rebel

Just A Guy

He is just a guy a simple guy
Who has always come in and out of my life
We used to be best friends and all
We loved each other so

Like Poison

Someone Special

It was an early September morning
I hear my sister Katrina screaming in agony
My teenage body jumps out of bed
My mom says to me “Its Time! ”

The Story Writtin On My Arm

As I sit in an empty room my thoughts are so tempting
I pick up the razor and the pen not sure what to do
Should I write this story of sorrow and heart break on my arm or on a paper?
I’m thinking to myself how could you do this to yourself

I Think But I'M Not Sure

I think I love you but I’m not sure
I think I miss you but you don’t care
You never did and probably never will
You don’t understand the pain I feel

Walking Away From The Emotional Abuse Today...

How did I know this was going to happen again?
I guess its true all great things must come to an end
All though I’m not sure what we had was ever a great thing
You hurt me bad and told me you loved me

The Rain

Sitting in the rain thinking about who I am who I was and who I thought you were, millions of things run through my head.
All the good times we had play in my head like a movie without sound but as my silent movie comes to an ends I remind myself of how you just up and left like what happened meant nothing at all.
Everything I do everyday reminds me of you in some way or another
But I’m not taking the blame not this time it was all your fault

Just A Game?

I’m lost in my mind thinking about you
The way I wish things could be.
I want to believe that you love me so but I just don’t know.
I never know who else you’re talking to or


Let me tell you about G.O.D.
How he gave his life for you and me.
They nailed him on the cross so we could have a better life.
People love the light in me no one know the devils is beating me.

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