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The Rain

Sitting in the rain thinking about who I am who I was and who I thought you were, millions of things run through my head.
All the good times we had play in my head like a movie without sound but as my silent movie comes to an ends I remind myself of how you just up and left like what happened meant nothing at all.
Everything I do everyday reminds me of you in some way or another
But I’m not taking the blame not this time it was all your fault
You pushed me away and if you want me in your life I’m sure you’ll find a way to put me there
I sit in the rain and write this down so no one knows that I’m crying
Still crying over you I never thought this would end this way or I would still be missing you to this very day
So I end this as the sun starts to come out and my tears continue to fall

Angelic Warrior 19 June 2009

the ones we loves always hurt us the most: (

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Shelby Jasmin Estrada 10 April 2009

Omg, this is so sad, I feel for you though, I truly do. :)

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