Beautifully Unknown

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Beautifully Unknown Poems

1. This Message 12/19/2008
2. If Tonights Your Last 12/20/2008
3. This Chance 12/21/2008
4. The Ones 12/21/2008
5. Never Give Up 12/21/2008
6. All For The Best! 12/21/2008
7. These Feelings 12/22/2008
8. Save Me (By Stacey Mcclinsey) 12/22/2008
9. Christmas 12/27/2008
10. Happiness 12/27/2008
11. Starting Over 12/28/2008
12. Letting Go 12/28/2008
13. Goodbye My Love 4/12/2009
14. I Wish There Was A Way 7/19/2009
15. Please Dont Go Away 12/22/2008
16. Resolutions 12/27/2008
17. Can You Hear 12/22/2008
18. One Last Time 2/5/2009
19. Tick Tock 12/19/2008
20. Tears Keep Falling 12/29/2008
21. These Lies I'Ve Told 1/15/2009
22. Just Another Dead Girl 12/22/2008
23. I Love You...Always 12/28/2008
24. If You Died 12/19/2008
25. Un Named 12/20/2008
26. No Matter What 12/17/2008
27. Temporary Little Fix 12/20/2008
28. Beautifully Unknown 12/21/2008
29. The Hand You'Ve Been Dealt 12/21/2008
30. A War Inside My Head 12/19/2008
31. A Memory 12/21/2008
32. Make You Happy 12/19/2008
33. My Wish For You 12/17/2008
34. Pills In My Name 12/20/2008

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Pills In My Name

Take away all this pain, I can't hide behind these pills I consume every day. Pill one, two, three, and four keep knocking on my door. Should I take six or switch to ten? Maybe then I'll forget what I always seem to remember.

These thoughts consume my brain, the pain goes deeper than my innermost soul. Do I take this or that? Such a hard question, but the only way to answer that is by finding out which one will screw me up better.

Why do I remember all the things I wish to forget? Each day it gets harder and harder for me to see waht keeps driving me. Sometimes I think it's the ...

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My Wish For You

When they ask whats wrong, you simply smile and say nothing.
Who cares if you're lieing, its not like they're going to know. Right?
They never really ask after that because they believe you.
Not able to see through you mask.
So you simply go on with your life smiling and making jokes
So maybe they'll stop asking you questions
Besides they're all to blind to see the pain you hide.
But not me.
I see your pain every day I look in the mirror.

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