Beautifully Unknown

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Beautifully Unknown Poems

1. This Message 12/19/2008
2. If Tonights Your Last 12/20/2008
3. This Chance 12/21/2008
4. The Ones 12/21/2008
5. Never Give Up 12/21/2008
6. All For The Best! 12/21/2008
7. These Feelings 12/22/2008
8. Save Me (By Stacey Mcclinsey) 12/22/2008
9. Christmas 12/27/2008
10. Happiness 12/27/2008
11. Starting Over 12/28/2008
12. Letting Go 12/28/2008
13. Goodbye My Love 4/12/2009
14. I Wish There Was A Way 7/19/2009
15. Please Dont Go Away 12/22/2008
16. Resolutions 12/27/2008
17. Can You Hear 12/22/2008
18. One Last Time 2/5/2009
19. Tick Tock 12/19/2008
20. Tears Keep Falling 12/29/2008
21. These Lies I'Ve Told 1/15/2009
22. Just Another Dead Girl 12/22/2008
23. I Love You...Always 12/28/2008
24. If You Died 12/19/2008
25. Un Named 12/20/2008
26. No Matter What 12/17/2008
27. Temporary Little Fix 12/20/2008
28. Beautifully Unknown 12/21/2008
29. The Hand You'Ve Been Dealt 12/21/2008
30. A War Inside My Head 12/19/2008
31. A Memory 12/21/2008
32. Make You Happy 12/19/2008
33. My Wish For You 12/17/2008
34. Pills In My Name 12/20/2008

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Pills In My Name

Take away all this pain, I can't hide behind these pills I consume every day. Pill one, two, three, and four keep knocking on my door. Should I take six or switch to ten? Maybe then I'll forget what I always seem to remember.

These thoughts consume my brain, the pain goes deeper than my innermost soul. Do I take this or that? Such a hard question, but the only way to answer that is by finding out which one will screw me up better.

Why do I remember all the things I wish to forget? Each day it gets harder and harder for me to see waht keeps driving me. Sometimes I think it's the ...

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No Matter What

No matter what…

I will always be near

I know I’m far away

But in your heart I will stay

Yes times are getting hard…

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