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1. Some Days 4/15/2014
2. Lost 4/20/2014
3. Walls Of Insanity 4/27/2014
4. The Depths Of Reality 4/27/2014
5. Insane 5/11/2014
6. A Little Trip 5/11/2014
7. No Matter What 5/12/2014
8. Reason 5/11/2014
9. Dazed And Confused 5/13/2014
10. Once Again 5/13/2014
11. The Anger Inside My Head 8/27/2014
12. Weathered By The Storm 7/23/2017
13. Many Years Ago 5/13/2014
14. My Love For You 4/15/2014
15. Alone 4/11/2014
16. Me 6/27/2014

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Once again in the silence of my chambers I drift off into the thoughts of my mind pondering why I must be so miserable Once again I lay apon my pallet alone thinking why must I torture myself My chambers are small but it's so still you can hear a heartbeat slowly growing with sound You can hear dust fall slowly to the ground I have never felt so alone to the point I call apon my god to send someone for me to not feel alone And yet I lay miserably alone dreaming that one day I won't be alone any more

©Ben Matthews

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My Love For You

My love for you burns like a thousand stars
My love for you sounds like a thousand guitars
My love for you is stronger more now the ever before
My love for you never tore
You are my one true love
You are my beautiful dove
You are my world in the thick of sorrow
I’ll love you till the day after tomorrow
I want to make you my queen

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