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My whole life was built
On looking up to you
In my eyes everything
You did was perfect

she told me the truth thats why i got pain killers,
if love is blind then somebody
tell me where am headed,
because its like i wear it on my feet

i will excuse the look on your face,
because you have forgotten me too,
we where together in the morning,
during mid-day you said

chain me
lock me up
step on me
ignore me

laying my head on the pillow,
there was deep darkness
around me
and through the darkness

From the words left unspoken
To the things not done
Time goes on

From a mother's broken heart

I've been overwhelmed
by my troubles
I cannot bear my burdens
Shame rules my mind

I found the past in my present
I built the future on my past
I found the gift of today
When I thought about what

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Dear Dad

My whole life was built
On looking up to you
In my eyes everything
You did was perfect
The faith I had in you
Helped me conquer
My own fears
Bigger than the universe
Faster than superman
Thought I painted the right
Picture of you in my mind
As time is the enemy of
Things that don't last forever
I begun to see the speck
In your eyes
The hole in your shirt
The skeletons in your closet
And it all came together
Making a complete confection
Of who I thought you'd never be
The glass of milk spelt and splattered
on the floor
But there was none left in the fridge
To refill what has been lost
I tried to bring the pieces back together
Because I knew it was all up to me now
Standing on my own
I built a strong foundation
With walls made of gold
But no roofings
The rain would pour right through
As time is a friend to things
That give experience and knowledge
I begun to see the how clean
Your shoes have always been
And how am not man enough to
Walk in your shoes
I realized when the sun sets
The morning isn't so far away
in spite of the good and bad in you
I realized that you are the greatest
Man to have walked the earth
Without the speed of superman
Without being bigger than the universe

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