benaiah sondashi

Sweet Dreams Verses Nightmares - Poem by benaiah sondashi

laying my head on the pillow,
there was deep darkness
around me
and through the darkness
i came across a world
most desirable by man,
pigs could fly without
anyone fearing for their lives,
people had faces brighter
than the morning sun,
everyone loved and treated
each other as though siblings who just reconciled

laying my head on the pillow,
how could this be,
everything i loved,
things i've come to like,
all existed in this place,
flowers, birds and fish
sang a song that knew
no sadness or sorrow,

laying my head on the pillow,
as if awakened from day dreaming and given
a reality check,
the world i had come to
know and love disappeared,
i was now in a place where
sadness, pain and sorrow
ruled everything that existed,
there was nowhere to run to,
it was a place without hope,
but i believed in hope
that one day the world
that once existed would
come back and this
would all just be a dream,

but things got worse,
no life existed,
even trees were without leaves,
the ground under my feet
started falling apart,
i grabbed on to the nearest branch but it broke off
and i was falling into the
darkness deep down
it was a bottomless pit,
then awakened and realized
i was just laying my head
on the pillow.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, August 13, 2012

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