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Just Move On

Seem buried in pain,
realizing the waiting was in vain,
living like love never existed,
forgetting that life can't be repeated,


Speak out, there is a word in your mouth, don't slack else you'll hold some one back, say something and save someone from wasting, stop waiting, someone is hunting for the word you're about speaking, let it out, and hear the joyous shout, proclaim the right word, you'll reclaim the lost from the world, don't hold back your voice, someone needs it to make a choice, you have to talk to prevent people from getting stuck,

Remain Strong

What will be left is one,
when its all said and done,
in all life tour, remain strong,
follow the rhythm and beat of its song,

I'Ve Always Loved You

i like it when you cross my mind, it makes me
smile and i can't get my mind off you, so i think
'bout you all the time, you laughter from those
lips of yours always make me want to kiss you,


That's the old book, that's ever new, in it
contains the path of life, the beginning and the
end, the pleasure we seek, a treasure we can't
measure, the secret to our lasting peace, with

Benjamin Wiche Quotes

23 August 2016

Those who brag, others right, they tend to drag.

23 August 2016

We are all made from dust, but some become boss.

25 August 2016

Gratitude is the attitude that separates one from the multitude.

02 September 2016

Negligence has been our worst mistake, Trying is a risk we must learn to take.

07 September 2016

Don't enter if you can't stay, don't start if you will quit, don't bite if you can't chew.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 15 May 2020

Benjamin Wiche is one talented and wonderful poet, who writes beautiful and interesting motivational poems. His poems are really liked by the readers and they highly appreciate. The poet realizes the importance of the holy scripture like Bible and tries to reflect wisdom in his each poem. I am wishing him all the best. May God bring happiness for him!

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Benjamin Nkanunye Wiche, born on Wednesday the 12th day of February, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, into the family of Chief A.N.O Wiche and Mrs. Edith Wiche. Benjamin hails from Omagwa in Ikwerre LGA, Rivers, Nigeria, West Africa. He attended Sea Shell Model School, Emarid college, Ompadec science center, and CITC, the University of Port ...

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