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You don't want to eat while
You just want to drink

This cover design
has been done
so many times before
just had to stain it

we are God's absurd ulcer
waking up and shutting down
filling our waste dumps
with glitter and sounds

As i'm about to resume
smoking my hashish,
giving up on the booze
for a few days

No need to scratch
your left ear with
your right hand
round the back of your head,

Good morning sir.
Coffee sir?
mmm yeah.

It's too late to write
too late to drink
very late
and in a few hours

I dreamt of whisky on the rocks
and a fight with one of my so called
last night,

i was gonna shave my head
after 1492 days of

In order to call her
and say the right thing
you have to forget about
who she is,

sometimes i wish i was insect,
the only way of communicating
to my fellow neighbors
being exclusively through

Where are your friends
when you miss them the most?
They' in love

With a broken face,
and a blind eye
four Latino strangers
pounded on me last night,

I murdered,
hundreds of deaths,
crushes drownings burnings,

She, sitting to his right
reads a book about
the Foundation of French Syntax,
He, sitting to her left


2155, it flashes
it flashes
reminding me
that at some point

No one can precede
the importance
of an intermittent waveform
flowing in logarithmic

the slightest push
you emancipate upon
the multiple synaptic
neurotransmitted magma

Stretch it out good,
check yourself in the nearby
glass to your left,
polarized to perfect

October rain shimmers down,
plunges into caves
shatters the crusts and beggars
of impoverished gates

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Born in Lebanon's civil war, and since then wanders around...)

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You don't want to eat while
You just want to drink
Cos food reminds you of
and food reminds you of
all the children

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