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I'm just someone's daughter, wife and mother.
Love poems, and I'm really not a poet, just a person that every now and then has something pop into my head.Sometimes it maybe something that I've written down years ago.

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It's Been Five Long Years

It's been five long years since you went away
But it seems as though it was only yesterday
We still love you as much now as we did then
God gave you to us and God took you home

Son-In-Law You'Ll Never Be

Son-in-law others may see, but it will always be Son to me.
When you took my daughter by the hand and stood before God and man, and promised you would keep her through sickness and health, you became my son.
You stood beside her and held her hand to the very end.
You told her you would love her until your dieing day.

Uncle Cotton

He was a good man
Loved his wife and his land
He was proud of his family and friends
You could tell he loved the land by the callus on his mighty hands

Dearest Dad

Dearest Dad,
You've been gone for a year and to us you were very dear
To us you were the light of our life and you loved us with all your might
You were always there when need be

My Dream My Daughter

My darling daughter you came and stood by my bed
You said mom it's ok, don't be sad
I'm ok you see, I am whole and free
God said for me to tell you that he will take care of me

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James B. Earley 06 June 2008

Bernice Shipman - A passionate writer of depth and warmth!

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