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Even though it's been years
Since we've been together
But i'm still searching for someone
Who can make my heart

I'm starring at your car right now
I'm Thinking about all the things
I could do to it

I sometimes wonder
If God will still love me
After all I have done

I want to write a love poem
I wonder who will be my inspiration
I loved any people in life

My days seem to be slipping away from me
And no matter how much money
I have I will never get those days back
That I just let drift away

Sometimes you come upon a unpicked wild rose
And sometimes you come upon people
Who are beautiful like an unpicked wild rose

Looking at the reduced cart
I see a dented can
That's cheap

Regardless of what you may
Have heard about me
I want you to know that
I'm not a bad person

I finally got your message today
After you made me
Wait 4 days for your reply
It took all I had

What if all of us are criminals?
I wonder who decides that.
What gives them the right?

I don't know why
I can't seem to cope without you
My brain keeps telling me I need you

Life sometimes seems like
You're stranded on a desert island
Waiting for the ship to come and rescue you

It's been long enough
But I still wonder some days
If we'll ever be able to
Talk to each other again

When you wrote me a letter
To tell me I'm better off without you

A tear ran down my face

You and me
Have been friends for a while now
I'm gonna try and be happy for you this time around
I won't be selfish when you get a boyfriend


I hate that you feel the need
To put me through all this
I hate that you place the blame on me
When you did all this yourself

You cheated
Hit me
Used me
Stalked me

Dear Ex
I'm really starting to miss you now
And I miss talking to you
Especially late a night

I'm more than sure
we'll never say another word
to each other again

I sit here and wonder why
I can't let anyone inside my heart
My life is so cold and empty these days
Except for the fear

Beth Ann Biography

Well, I can't find the words to describe myself cause I'm so many words at times. I'm a complicated person so I guess no one really knows me and I kind of find that to be a good thing at times cause then you can't get truly hurt, but then again you can't feel true happiness.)

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Longing For Someone

Even though it's been years
Since we've been together
But i'm still searching for someone
Who can make my heart
Skip a beat like you did
To be honest it doesn't
Even have to be someone like you
It just has to be someone
Who can capture my heart like you did
I just want to find the kind of love
I had dreamed about having with you
I just want to move on from these feelings
I just got to stop thinking you feel
Something for me too
I get so mad at myself sometimes
Because I tend to create my own heartache

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Beth Ann Popularity

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