Bhai Vir Singh Poems

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The Piping Of The Rain

The piping of the rain
birds has ceased,
Dadar and peepiya
are silent now,

The Night Air

The night air,
free of the day's fever
and passion,

O Beautiful Sun Wearer

O beautiful sun wearer,
with the sun in thy crest!
Come and meet me,
come and meet me,

It Is Now The Dewy Season

It is now the dewy season,
The season of the happy meetings of love,

The Sweet

The sweet,
sweet dew wets all with joy.
Wet with joy are the night
and the moon.

The Cool, Soft Touches Of The Falling Dew

The cool,
soft touches of
the falling dew calm my soul;
And my mind,

O Master Of The Order Of The Seli!

O master of the order
of the Seli!
O dweller of heaven!
O great giver!

I Am Glad

I am glad,
the prison walls of my house have dropped away from me,
And I am on the top of my roof.

The Clouds Have Stopped Their Thunder

The clouds have stopped
their thunder,
The lightning has
hidden her spark,

Fill My Tearful Gaze For Ever

Fill my tearful gaze for ever
with thy celestial face;
And let my eyes
be for ever wet with

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