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Your rainbow feathers
remind me of my dreams
So my eyes

Again I will emerge
again I will surge
Though troubles are there
challenges are there

sounds of


A dream to be an actress
was there in your
beautiful eyes
You tried hard to


Being human
I'm laden with wishes
and from heaven's
hopes are the blessings

O tree!
you were standing
on a piece of land
without harming anyone

Two girls
way to school
talking cheerfully
what? I don't know

Why I cry?
For whom I cry?

My tears are certainly
not about millions

you have gone
far away somewhere

One snail that keeps on
crawling through the beach
neither ashamed of his size
nor of his speed

old time movies
old time songs
old time faces

Millions loved him
millions admired him
He gave
Juvenile a new look

I am no crazy
though I failed four times
But I am not a mad

The moon is beautiful
He is always said to be
a companion of

Rise from bed
say something
be it a poem from Majboor
or a song of Sehgal

Though plenty
have you imparted
all valuable, vision enhancing

Apart - alone
amid a
chilly night
sitting close to

A small village
amid deserts of Rajasthan
surrounded by low hills
for hundred of years


You are unwell
losing your value
I wish you a good health

Together were
we all
on that
bright morning

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I love expressing my feelings through poetry in Hindi and English.I try to live poetry.)

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Your rainbow feathers
remind me of my dreams
So my eyes
quitely chase you

Your flight
across the blue sky
takes me to
the maiden horizons
So my eyes
quitely chase you

Your solo song
on a sad morning
enables me to
smile at my solitude
So my eyes
quitely chase you

Your snuggles with
an old tree branch
where as a chick
you opened eyes
It lets an elegy to
trickle out from my eyes;
So my eyes quietly chase you.

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Bharat Mehru Popularity

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