O Tree, Farewell! Poem by Bharat Mehru

O Tree, Farewell!

O tree!
you were standing
on a piece of land
without harming anyone
swinging your small but
lovely leaves
when the last I met you
under your soothing shade
baby birds were chirping
on your twigs you had been
a hopeful destination
to tired mother-wings
dear tree!
you reminded me
many the tales of
ancient Ashrams
and holy Gurus
teaching pupils
under trees alike you
I imagined of
lovers having nice time
in full moon nights
under your shade
and imagined of the moon
peeping through your
dense branches
But I'm sorry Friend
all that ended up
with your demise
yeah, you have
been killed, dear as you know
A man having an iron paw
and a flag of development
in another paw
has uprooted you
now you are lying
on the ground
the baby birds are
in the sands,
mother birds are
hovering around
with restless cries
and all the teachings of
holy Gurus seems to be
pressed down under
a heavy log
the iron paw is busy
filling your place
by erecting
a concrete pillar.

Bharat Mehru 09 March 2012

Thank you very much, kind soul., Please keep reading my poems and guiding my path.Thanks.

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Unwritten Soul 08 March 2012

A good poem pillared by a tree trunk, leaves green in mind and thought to link of this two..Tree always be a great inspiration for it's observer and who loves nature...i found one here! keep writing_Unwritten Soul

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Bharat Mehru

Bharat Mehru

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