Bianca Free Poems

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Honesty Is But Fiction

These days the world is a place so cold
I wear a genuine smile as a lie's being told
That I assume is the truth, very deeply in my heart
but then there's a doubt that starts.

つ ぼ み Buds

I search in people of varying status
for a seed of humanity.

In some I suspect there to be a bud

Night Skies, Night Skies

I like to talk to the night skies,
because they listen to me.
They read my emotions
as I pour out my heart,

Running Is Not A Solution

Running away isn't as easy as it seems.
There's no deserted mountain waiting when you come,
no peaceful fountain to drink from.
The stars won't be convenient at night,

A Request From Me Of You

Please watch after me
as a caring mother would her child
even after I have long passed on.
Set calla lilies on my grave,

The Ceremony

Songs that our hearts, break,
that always make
my father want to cry.
Songs I use to chide


this sadness, i do away;

to fear i say 'adieu'.

I M P A C T//

Swaying in the wind
there was a small leaf of golden brown.
It landed in a pond
and rippled the water.

Blank Slate

I find meaning in the air that I breathe;
It is food for the flowers.
And meaning in my footsteps
that bring death to spiders.

Closed Curtains

grape vine eyes, strawberry hair.
cigarette smoke streaming through the air.
fishnets and silver lined gloves.
a place for men to forget lost loves.