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Honesty Is But Fiction

These days the world is a place so cold
I wear a genuine smile as a lie's being told
That I assume is the truth, very deeply in my heart
but then there's a doubt that starts.

つ ぼ み Buds

I search in people of varying status
for a seed of humanity.

In some I suspect there to be a bud

Night Skies, Night Skies

I like to talk to the night skies,
because they listen to me.
They read my emotions
as I pour out my heart,

A Request From Me Of You

Please watch after me
as a caring mother would her child
even after I have long passed on.
Set calla lilies on my grave,

The Ceremony

Songs that our hearts, break,
that always make
my father want to cry.
Songs I use to chide

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