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81. Trapped 1/11/2012
82. Trekking 3/26/2012
83. Undefeated 9/7/2011
84. What Of Your Time? 2/14/2012
85. When 4/5/2012
86. Wilted Rose 12/19/2011
87. Yesterdays Ago 4/5/2012
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つ ぼ み Buds

I search in people of varying status
for a seed of humanity.

In some I suspect there to be a bud
and a sun be shining down upon it,
Water be poured out on it,
feeding and nourishing it to greater life.

Others I assume will have matured growth,
singing of the blisses spring has swept along,
reaching to others, spreading its song,
and strengthening those that have yet to bloom.

But then there are those
that I do not understand,
no matter how strong my wish is to know.
Their dirt holds a seed, but the dark overshadows it
and the rain is ...

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I M P A C T//

Swaying in the wind
there was a small leaf of golden brown.
It landed in a pond
and rippled the water.

And the waves the leaf created
expanded further and further,
and soon they started
crawling onto land.

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