love me please,
I am lost,
I am hurt;
I need a true love.

Название, которое будет
написано в книге любви,
не должно быть faint- должно быть
полный очарования, смысл и произнес довольно.

It's raining slowly and silently
and the night is silent (too) .
I am trying to invigorate
My poetic feelings at this moment.

Right now, standing on this beautiful beach
I can see, I can feel the hugeness of this world;
The restless tides here constantly play
Giving us a hope to become enriched.

Dear Lily,
Winter days have gone,
And I am standing still
Beside country's silent lake.

I see the sweetness of joy in her face
and the beauty of her eyes always I trace
Keeps me abstained from the days of burdens.
My dear will we be able to become single bodied

No more hastiness...,
I'm waiting now to hear that
Musing voice emerging
From a long distance,

Amid the noise of strings,
In such chaos
While the sound becomes
Everyone's beat

I saw her from that distance
As I'm going towards the lonely beach,
With a curling hairlock
All the beauties are just enwrapped

I see the face after a long day,
A longbeard man with a long curled hair,
I see him in a staid state
Looking at something very deeply.

Again, I am waiting for it,
The simplest thing that would
Help to make a simple tune
Leaving the black kingdom.

Today, a blank day, a day of gaiety,
I'm here to witness the beauties,
Those beauties dispersing tranquility.....,
Which bear magnanimously

Just to be in faith
In my love
That I can't defy
Though being apart

I didn'ttaste the nectar of life yet,
The flowers of joy are delaying to emboss my bed.
You may say the life is not perfect yet.
Alas, the heaven stays just in heaven.

Her lips smiles when
I hold her arms with my poetic sense
Her Beautiful waist
demands a brilliant chain

Oh God what shall I do?
Where shall I go?
Just holding my poetic sense
That survives just in your bless

Thou rule in everything and everywhere.
Thou rule my beloved's face
Yet I fail to trace
Thy gracious existence.

.A Beautiful Necklace

His days are just going in glee;
Nights are the trailblazers

I am my life,
Without you little confused
May be,
but I am still stiff and steady.

It's my life
Like the tide
that never wants
To be slow.


Studying English literature. Graphic designer, , social worker and a politician as well. I am a man of simple lifestyle. I always try to remove poverty and class system from my society because all are equal (poor or rich) . We need equal distribution of wealth in society as we all need fresh air for health, and a good systemic lead for wealth. I am spiritual and always curious to know more about divinity......... Bibhakar Dutta.)


Love Me Please...

love me please,
I am lost,
I am hurt;
I need a true love.
I am drowned in a dark
kingdom of bad luck.
I need to swim out of there
by your holy love.
My heart has become foul,
I can't tender my love
as it's full of dust.
Only you can make me proud
by your love which is very soft,
pure and bloomed.
Be my love dear-
don't hesitate,
just feel and deem;
I always value your esteem.
You will be my fortune
if you accept my tune.
Love is just like a shadow
if I wait till tomorrow...
I need it just
now to meet you on second-life
to finish the sorrow.




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