Bijay Poudel

Rookie - 1 Points (10th june,1991 / Khotang, Nepal)

Bijay Poudel Poems

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16. Truth 4/4/2013
17. Inside An Exam Hall 5/31/2014
18. Hostel Blues 4/5/2014
19. Hormones 7/6/2013
Best Poem of Bijay Poudel


There is a hormone that can make you happy,
and a next one that can turn you sad.
These potions running open in my veins,
framing my destiny to be good or bad.
For every of my emotions,
a specific hormone can be deduced.
A hormone that can baffle me,
a hormone that has left me amused.
These hormones with their reactions and transactions,
Creating a sort of chemical game.
And my philosophical pursuit might be a mere chemistry,
among these hydrocarbons that I can never escape.
Today some hormones that have over spilled,
has left me to pathetically ...

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A hitherto unrevealed thing,
relative to which,
your doings are judged,
the deviations of your deeds from the, yet nebulous, so called, truth are measured, quantified and then given the deserving response.
God who hosts the truth,
who anchored this thing onto the cosmos,
forgets to install within us,
the ability to measure it, to predict it or to be certain about it.
Yet we act like we had always known it.

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