Bijay Poudel

Rookie - 1 Points (10th june,1991 / Khotang, Nepal)

Bijay Poudel Poems

1. Ballot Box-My Love 11/21/2013
2. Mirror 2/3/2014
3. Your Silence 2/10/2014
4. My Dreams 2/11/2014
5. I 2/27/2014
6. Rain 3/2/2014
7. Alone 3/28/2014
8. A Kiss In The Cold 4/4/2014
9. New Year's Resolution 4/5/2014
10. What Is It To Be Poor? 3/9/2013
11. Heart And Mind 5/26/2014
12. The Lamp 4/22/2014
13. A Poem For My Mamma 4/28/2014
14. Vodka 4/27/2013
15. Bunker's Poetry 4/30/2013
16. Truth 4/4/2013
17. Inside An Exam Hall 5/31/2014
18. Hostel Blues 4/5/2014
19. Hormones 7/6/2013
Best Poem of Bijay Poudel


There is a hormone that can make you happy,
and a next one that can turn you sad.
These potions running open in my veins,
framing my destiny to be good or bad.
For every of my emotions,
a specific hormone can be deduced.
A hormone that can baffle me,
a hormone that has left me amused.
These hormones with their reactions and transactions,
Creating a sort of chemical game.
And my philosophical pursuit might be a mere chemistry,
among these hydrocarbons that I can never escape.
Today some hormones that have over spilled,
has left me to pathetically ...

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What Is It To Be Poor?

I have often wondered,
what is it to be a poor?
An empty vault, a broken heart,
or my complacent self to remain at the shore?

Is it the lack of what I could've got?
Or is it the consequent melancholy that follows life?
Or is it to see some other folks, rich?
Or my desire less glory that bestows life?

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