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A Poem For My Mamma - Poem by Bijay Poudel

In those nine scores of months,
When I was inside your vault,
I had composed a poem for you,
Memorized by heart.

It was cosy and warm there mamma,
Floating in that fluid,
With palms, and fingers and eyelids mamma,
Helplessly glued.

Sometimes it felt so lonely mamma,
I could not turn and see,
If there was someone else mamma,
Floating next to me.

And one day I heard you sing,
A sweet nursery rhyme,
Didn't I want to dance there then,
Didn't I at that time?

I could feel so clearly mama,
Could feel your coy smile,
As you stroked your bulge of womb,
It tickled me all that while.

I too wanted to stretch my lips mamma,
And break into a laugh,
Pity I could not move a thing then mamma,
But my pair of calves.

And one night, my nerves got better of me,
You see I was pretty annoyed,
For days and days I was doing nothing,
Floating in that void.

And then I collected my legs,
This idea, it was sick,
And stretched them in that density,
Fetching you a kick.

And someone behind kicked you too,
Kicked my mamma queen,
And as I rolled my eyes around,
I confronted my twin.

He was floating together with me,
Curled up in that stew,
Composing in his heart possibly,
A beautiful poem for you.

And together we waited mamma,
Waited in that vault,
Composing our poems for you,
Memorized by heart.

And one dawn I woke up mamma,
By your crying sounds,
They were hurrying you somewhere mamma,
Nauseously round.

I was so afraid mamma,
That I closed my eyes,
I wanted to shut my ears too mamma,
Could not hear your cries.

And then after an hour or two,
Along with the dawn,
I came down to this place mamma,
Just to be your son.

And I knew it was the perfect time,
To make up for your night,
I parted my lips then mamma,
For my poem to recite.

How badly I wanted to sing it?
How badly I had tried,
But then all went wrong mamma,
I ultimately cried.

Till today, since that day,
That I took my tumultuous birth,
I have always wanted to read it mamma,
Aloud to the earth.

This poem is for you mamma,
Cherished from your vault,
This poem is for you mamma,
Memorized by heart.

Topic(s) of this poem: mother

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