Ramesh T A Birthday Poems

Hearty Birthday Celebration!

Celebration of birthday function is rejoicing indeed sure;
The joy, it is possible to enjoy, is unforgettable in life;
That too the time spent with children young and old is ever
Reverberates in heart with sweet memories to talk forever!

A Note On Shakespeare's Birthday!

Between pain and pleasure oscillates the life of man;
Man is what a quintessence of precious dust in the world;
World is a stage and all men and women are mere players;
Players do play their roles till the screen falls down!

Are Birthday Wishes Necessary?

Celebration of birthday party cutting cake with grand feast
All gusts enjoy most saying greetings and wishes to the host;
Being all familiar with social media, all wishes and all
Sorts of greetings are conveyed there itself sans meeting!

A Celebration Of Birthday And Wedding Day!

Birthday celebration is a happy time in everyone's life;
Cheerful faces like the freshly bloomed flowers wish with
Greetings that elate one's heart, mind and soul to new heights!

This Is Birthday Party!

Gathering round cake and candle burning,
I stand at the centre of the table ready to
Pooing the lights and cut the cake for all!

A Birthday To 007!

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