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Free Yourself To Be Who You Are

If you want to pretend
be an actor
If you want to be tense
go to the past

Give It To Me Baby!

In the back of an SUV,
Their bodies laid straight:
The male freed animal,
The female wild willing.

Behind What You Can See...My Hypocrisy

If I could only tell how much I've being hurt...
So much has happened, one event after the other,
So young I was when I realized how much of abuse I suffered,
Lucky my body and health that nothing seems to ever had happened,

As It Stands, The One Night...

On time both arrived
He is there already
But as he her sees, hides
She sees thought the dark

Behind What You Say

There was never a first time
Without a subtle interest,
Without a condition.

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Talon Henderson 02 November 2007

your peoms are very awsome. they realy make me think about wat life is all about.

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