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If you want to pretend
be an actor
If you want to be tense
go to the past

In the back of an SUV,
Their bodies laid straight:
The male freed animal,
The female wild willing.

If I could only tell how much I've being hurt...
So much has happened, one event after the other,
So young I was when I realized how much of abuse I suffered,
Lucky my body and health that nothing seems to ever had happened,

On time both arrived
He is there already
But as he her sees, hides
She sees thought the dark

There was never a first time
Without a subtle interest,
Without a condition.

If the imprints of your soul
Can lead your pores to expel love,
Leading a Butterfly’s Last Good-bye:
Success, Power, Free-will, Dream,

I've heard you...
I've Loved YOU...
I've smelled you...
I've seen you...

Romance to advance,
No drama, no dilemma, just you, Experience.

The way you love, the way you tame,

Sarah Loves
Loves Sarah
for Sarah

If you feel it
say it
If you want it
grab it

In Despair of Loss,
Great surprise found me happiness
An absent father figure lend a hand,
Time proved restrictive conditional stand.

A man standing,
And by the side of his wife wondering:
What would it be if he
Had held by the maiden?

In between the misplacements of life's events
there they were a couple together again,
her the prettiest girl out, once to be his princess,
him the one to hold all the ladies’ alertness,

I wish I could blame you for all the pain that I feel.

Sometimes I wish at you I could point the guilty fingers,

On a claudy night,
Rough waters,
Open waters,
The beach and self.


Line, where are you?
The line between self love and unconditional love.
The line in between being myself and being there for you.
The line for me to hold, the line to hold you.

After you, he was.
A distraction, an infraction.

You, so far behind,

GOD I am so sorry,
But I had to...
I've hurt him I know,
And I can't tell him how much sorry I am,

A guy that likes to talk,
to me calls everyday.
To you God I pray,
to light his way.

The Best Lover
Is the One Who Loves You
And in LOVE for YOU
Loves to Love You

The Best Poem Of Blue Angel

Free Yourself To Be Who You Are

If you want to pretend
be an actor
If you want to be tense
go to the past
If you want to be happy...

Free Yourself!
Be WHO you are
Let it loose
Make the MOVE!

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Talon Henderson 02 November 2007

your peoms are very awsome. they realy make me think about wat life is all about.

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