İbn Abî Sûlmâ Zuhayr

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Zuhayr, also Zuhair, (Arabic زهير بن أبي سلمى), full name Zuhayr ibn Abî Sûlmâ, b. c. 520-d. c. 609, was a pre-Islamic Arabian poet who lived in the 6th century AD. He is considered one of the greatest writer of Arabic poetry in pre-Islamic times. Zuhayr belonged to the Muzaynah tribe. His father was a poet. His elder son, Ka'b bin Zuhayr, was also ...

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The Poem Of Zuhair

'Does the blackened ruin, situated in the stony ground between Durraj and Mutathallam, which did not speak to me, when addressed, belong to the abode of Ummi Awfa?

'And is it her dwelling at the two stony meadows, seeming as though they were the renewed tattoo marks in the sinews of the wrist?

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