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1. Trapped By Myself 9/15/2007
2. The 9,649th Sexless Night Of A Married Man 9/20/2007
3. An Ever Gnawing Hunger 9/23/2007
4. The Witch And The Sun Child 6/27/2007
5. The Body Of An Unidentified Man Was Discovered Today 9/30/2007
6. The Song Of Lucifuge Rofocale, He That Flees The Light 10/1/2007
7. If A Man 10/25/2007
8. Today I Choose To Hate 10/31/2007
9. Comes The Winter 11/14/2007
10. A Weak Man Falls 12/19/2007
11. Blubbery Love 1/7/2008
12. Mein Kampf, Gesundheit! 1/20/2008
13. The Mouse, The Wife, The Husband, The Knife. 2/24/2008
14. A Brief History Of Modern Warfare Vis-A-Vis Men And Woman 2/26/2008
15. Functional Morphology Of Impatiens Nolitangere's Reproduction By Tactile Stimulation 3/12/2008
16. Infinite Days, So Unfair? 4/25/2008
17. Cruel And Usual Punishment 5/14/2008
18. The Book Of Bob 6/27/2008
19. My New Best Friend 8/5/2008
20. My Son My Self 10/10/2008
21. The Wait Of Unimaginable Sorrow 11/10/2008
22. A Man Walks Into A Bar 11/16/2008
23. The 3,467th Poem Of A Bad Poet 12/1/2008
24. No Chimera 12/8/2008
25. The Greatest Poet That Never Was 1/5/2009
26. To The Cuddledome! 5/1/2009
27. An Ocean Lost When The Teacup Broke 7/21/2009
28. Poems Of Mass Destruction 8/29/2009
29. Fyi For You'Re Insane 8/29/2009
30. Writhe, Witch Mother, Writhe 10/21/2009
31. The 12th And Final Avatar Of Trickster 10/16/2007
32. The Defeat Of An Anarchist By Righteous Apathy 9/9/2007
33. There's No Such Thing 9/14/2007
34. The Painful Irony Of Ironic Pain 9/29/2007
35. God Kicks Bob In His Achilles' Wiener 10/3/2008
36. The Conquered Worm 11/3/2008
37. My Little Andy Boy 10/1/2008
38. I Know It's My Mind, But I Want Out! 3/16/2008
39. Life In Disunited States 9/1/2007
40. A Remembrance Of Love Lost 9/7/2007

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A Conversation With The Devil

Hello Devil.
No wait! This time I really know what I want and I want to make a deal.
I know. But I think of ways you'll trick me and I back out. You are the Master of Deceit.
This time my wish is perfect!
I want to be the richest person alive
and the smartest
and the strongest
and the most handsome.
No wait!
I want to be the only man alive. That'll make me popular with the ladies!
And get rid of all the ugly women, no fatties or dogs.
And get rid of ...

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Trapped By Myself

I am trapped!
In the present
In a present I have made for myself
Behind lies regret
I cannot go back to change the past
Nor would I want to
For I would simply make the same mistakes again
Or perhaps new mistakes that would make my present worse
As for the future

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