Bob LazzarAtwood Poems

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One Dark And Dismal Christmas

It was on a cold December day
That Christmas changed for good,

The Little Christmas Tree

The Little Christmas Tree

A happy little Christmas tree
Stood bravely in the cold,

Santa Takes A Stand

Santa grew discouraged
As he read his Christmas mail,

My Greatest Joys

Greatest Joys

They try to ruin Christmas,
Those who wring their profits from it,

My Special Night With Santa

My Special Night with Santa

I was strolling home from work just after midnight Christmas Eve
Watching snowflakes softly decorate the houses and the trees,

The Santa Claus Solution

At times a parent’s job can be a joy-depleting role
As your children’s misbehavior slowly drains your self control.
It’s a source of great frustration and a war you never win,
Every time a battle ends it seems another one begins.

It's Christmas Time Again

It’s Christmas Time Again

Put your problems on probation
Run your troubles off the track,

The Kortalenko's Christmas Gift

The Kortalenko's Christmas Gift

Viktor Kortalenko proudly stood outside his shop
The morning snow now freshly cleared away,

The Angel Lady

The Angel Lady
By Bob Lazzar-Atwood; Copyright 2006

She was called 'The Angel Lady' for the ornaments she made

Santa's Greatest Gift

The young physician smiled and motioned Santa to a seat,

He had finished his exam and the results were now complete,

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