The Santa Claus Solution Poem by Bob LazzarAtwood

The Santa Claus Solution

At times a parent’s job can be a joy-depleting role
As your children’s misbehavior slowly drains your self control.
It’s a source of great frustration and a war you never win,
Every time a battle ends it seems another one begins.

But as Christmas time approaches we receive an extra tool,
Once so simple and effective it can make a parent drool,
It’s the “Santa Claus Solution” and it’s wonderful indeed,
It will make your children nicer, satisfaction guaranteed.

You just place a call to Santa when your children disobey
And instruct the Man in Red to take one Christmas gift away.
And if your stubborn children still refuse to follow through,
Simply call that jolly elf again and have him make it two.

With a little Santa leverage watch how fast your kids respond,
As if conjured into action by a spell or magic wand,
“Clean my bedroom? Sure, no problem, Take the garbage out? Okay!
Do my homework? I’d be glad to, Set the table? Right away! ”

Put an end to angry tirades, set aside that whippin’ stick.
Be a more effective parent with some help from Old Saint Nick.
And enjoy the Christmas season and the peaceful time you’ll spend,
For by noon on Christmas day they’ll be your normal kids again.

The End

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