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The last few days
have been full of you.
I don't know whether
to embrace the memories

I do still find you...
in stillness,
deep within...

Fireflies flitter in the skyline
and your best drains the best of me,
and going forth with another dream
is not as easy as it seems

long ago I watched you leave
yet the place we were before
is still warm
(from your touchwhisperbreath)

I fidget with my fingernails
the November wind has numbed them
enough that a little nibble
(here and there)

Tuesday's coming
I will be here
The train is set in motion
have no fear

I know
I'll never wake
to the sound of your feet
shuffling across my floor

I trace the ring
of my old blue cup
with my cold fingertips.
The coffee, too, is cold

Far beyond understanding
I love you...
three little words
that reveal all that I am

I have no doubt
he will never come back
but in the same sense
he will never leave.

Shadowed by the moon,
two hearts reveal truth...
and fade,

Daddy, as we say goodbye,
don't forget to look back at me.
I'm gazing at you from this side
of the great celestial sea.

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The Traveler

The last few days
have been full of you.
I don't know whether
to embrace the memories
or scatter myself
into a million other things.
Even when I'm immersed
in life up to the gills
and there are too many
thoughts to count
you emerge from each one
like the name-tag
on my luggage,
bright and yellow
and not easily ignored.
Pronounced, you are...
the STOP shining
out from the octogon of life
like a sign of warning
intersecting my happiness.
Sometimes I believe
you were an exit road
thrown into my interstate
as a relief from the drive...
but most times I'm certain
you were actually roadspikes.

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