Medicinal Plant—

O! Prince you came as medicinal plant through firmed way
You brought light of new day- darken night gone away

We have to join in war,
This is the time to join in war
Yes, I have to go to battle field
Not to waste time in this way.
Have to go to war; have to go to war
Have to go to war.

At my compound- grow a tree of bokul flower
Alas! That was destroyed by north-waster



Fire knows well-
About appearance of destroy

In a lost island of deep ocean-
You live with memory at depth of time

White crane go on flying in a swarm at sky
Black crow go on flying in a swarm at sky
Pigeon of peace go on flying in a swarm at sky
Go on flying at sky.

Cloud surrounding sky
Blue sky peeps at the window of cloud



Stone does not float in the flow of time
It never rotted in period of time

At the Bottom of Mont Blanc

Smiling of this dazing flower


O! Bimini
When my boat will anchor
At your golden fairy
My broken youth will get back its wing

You become glad with my happiness- pained with my distress
You unknown are my companion- inclined to my happiness
Driving away darkness you unknown bring the light of day
Bright light everywhere need no penny to pay

His teacher is time
Who has no teacher?

One girl is crossing the public road
Somme gays are gathering for sexual harass


Home makes the domestic life stable
Your destination is home

Going another country by train I was dreaming
Touching sky-cloud train is running expanding wing

We promised to meet at kash flower thicket of autumn
Alas! Smeared with anguish of separation alone I am


Necessities convey a man to reach at his target
You go for hunting for satisfy of hunger

I submerged by tear with pang of serration
Flower will bloom at my tomb of pain when I shall not remain

At youth who came near I failed to capture her
Now I repent and feel myself a death maker



Do you fear the snake or the snake fears you?
Do you bite the snake or the snake bites you?


Poet Bongokobida Zakaria Living in Paris from 1992, Origin Bangladeshi.He is the first ancestor of ‘Septet poem-song', the first ancestor of Bengali Pantum poem, van guard of Hiku poem-song, translator, organizer and editor. Bongokobida Zakaria was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He passed his childhood at village Bancharampur- the native village of his paternal grandfather. For need of professional career his father Gias Uddin Ahmed and mother Sayeda Tun Nesa started to live at Dinajpur. After obtained H. S. C. from Dinajpur he studied B. B. A. in Cyprus College of Cyprus and European University of Paris. He studied in the French Institute Alliance Franchise. After that, He studied French culture & civilization in the Sorbonne university (IV) of Paris. When he was 14 years old his poem was published in Daily Uttara a renounced news paper of North Bengal, His first book of verse written in Bengali in ‘shammobader khoje' was published by shikha publisher in book fair of 2000 arranged by Bangla Academy. So far, twelve books of verse written by him have been published. He is the president of Bangladesh writer's club (French branch) , President of Association Kotha founder of Kotha Bangla school and founder of Septet International Association. Now writer is working to establish Septet poem-song in world literature staying in different countries including Bangladesh, French and England. Poet Bongokobida is very much fond of traveling. So, far he has traveled Geneva. Venice, Verona, Rome, Milan, Cane, Monaco, Barcelona, Madrid, Belgium, Holland, Edinburgh, London, Cairo of Egypt, India and many cultural and traditional places of Europe. Email:


Medicinal Plant

Medicinal Plant—

O! Prince you came as medicinal plant through firmed way
You brought light of new day- darken night gone away

You ejected the world wide sweat prosperity
In grass- flower and everywhere you brought life's vitality

Medicine abounding in serpent is god's amusement
Air filled with breath of life earth with contentment

You place the sun- As decrepit and illness!




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